Stéphanie Jaquet

Photographer :
Stéphanie Jaquet

Stéphanie was born on November 11th 1990.

She lives near Geneva Intl. airport and began with spotting in 2015.

She likes any flying object but mostly the colorful ones.

As she is a beginner with photography, she becomes help from other Team members about technics, set-up and photo edition.
We are sure that Stéphanie will shoot many beautiful pictures, as you can see in the few examples below.

She is actually waiting for her first screenings on !!!


SuperNanie in action with her EOS 7D and Sigma 50-500 !!!


Her first pictures on SW Aero…
Many others will arrive very soon !

SW-B6076-160822-GVA-7D-500-NANIE-1600-001 SW-10001-160604-GNB-7D-300-NANIE-1600X-007 SW-10001-160604-GNB-7D-300-NANIE-1600-004 SW-URGBD-151211-GVA-D3000-55-200-NANIE-1600-004 SW-CSTLY-151211-GVA-D3000-55-200-NANIE-1600-002 SW-T331-160601-ZRH-7D-NANIE-1600-002 SW-VPBKS-160606-GVA-7D-NANIE-1600-001


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