Remo Garone

Remo Garone - Official SW Aero photo team member
Photographer :
Remo Garone

He was born in August 28th 1966 in a small town near “Zurich airport”.
With a father working by “Swissair” he always was deep inside the aviation’s World.

He began with photography many years ago but put his two biggest passions together in 2009, beginning with “Aviation photography”.

Remo lives near “Geneva airport” in Switzerland but loves to travel around the World catching nice iron birds with his camera.

He is a “Canon” user and mostly uses Canon “L series” lenses as the EF 100-400 F/4,5-5,6 L IS USM, EF 70-200 F/2,8L IS II USM or EF 24-105 F/4 L IS USM whem he comes closer to his subject. He also used a “Sigma 50-500” for a while, with good results, but he went back to “Canon Only” these last weeks !

He used many different EOS cameras in the past. 350D, 450D, 50D, 60D, but he mostly used two EOS 7D cameras for a long time, an later, an EOS 5D MkIII !
Now, he quite exclusively uses his EOS 7D MkII and 80D for plane spotting… But the upcomming EOS 5D MkIV could land in his bag if this new FullFrame camera is as good as announced !

Sharing his passion and spending time near the runways with his good friends is what he most likes, no matter of the weather and the trafic !

His pictures on SW Aero…

Swiss B777-300ER – by Remo Garone
Edwards AFB Gateguard – by Remo Garone
March Field  2013 – by Remo Garone
Zurich 2015 – by Remo Garone










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Remo has also publicated some of his pictures in some magazines (Jetstream, Skyliner Magazine…), calendars (Lufthansa 2017 calendar) or as professional support for aviation companies (bmi baby) and a pilot training center in Texas.

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