Gregory Manchon

Gregory Manchon - Official SW Aero photo team member
Photographer :
Gregory Manchon

Gregory was born on August 1st 1976 at Grenoble in France.

During his life since he was a child, he always had an eye directed to the sky !
He practiced glyding during his college time and later he started picturing aircraft.

He specially loves helicopters but likes any flying object.

With his aviation photos, he tries to transmit his passion about all birds you can see into the sky !
Gregory spends a lot of time travelling around Europe to find birds… He does it sometimes alone but sometimes with his good friends to have good time with them near many runways.
He was one of the first members who joined the team at the beginning.
He also is a “CoNoX” family member since the beginning !
He is administrator of some SW Facebook groups and helps us a lot managing these groups.
We are very glad that Gregory has taken part of the SW adventure and we thank him to be “That Nice Guy” he is !

His first pictures on SW Aero…

All taken at CVF Courchevel.
Many others will arrive very soon !

On the Web…

His pictures on the Web

Gregory on Facebook


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