Alexis Boidron

Alexis Boidron - Official SW Aero photo team member
Photographer :
Alexis Boidron


Alexis was born on April 8th 1980 at Nantes (France).
He is professional firefighter and he has two passions as any SW Team member… Aviation and photography !

He is spotter since 1996 and loves to travel around Europe to catch nice aviation pictures.

Today, Alexis lives in “Morlaix”, a small town in “Bretagne” near “Brest” and he moves often for spotting trips.

In September 2015, Alexis met Remo Garone and Philippe Pépin at FRA where they spent time together near the runway, with also Yohann Casse (from Paris).
Since then, they stay in touch and are planing some other spotting trips together in the future.

His pictures on SW Aero…

Gallery - London LHR 2015 - by Alexis Boidron
Gallery – London LHR 2015 – by Alexis Boidron


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Alexis is scanning some slides from his huge collection of the past years.
We will be able to present you his classic shots very soon and we hope you’ll enjoy with them !

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