The SW Photo Team

Spottingworld works in collaboration with photographers all over the World.
The members of the team are selected according to the quality of their pictures, their vision of aviation photography and depending on their location.
The ultimate goal is to have members in each interesting region on the globe.
Their personality is also considered !

The first photographer’s pages have arrived !

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The basic criteria for being a member are:
– To be always looking for the best possible shot (high quality photos and not only boring side shots in the blue sky).
– No competition between the photographers (no matter of who will be the first to send his photos on a website).
– To appreciate staying with friends near a runway also if the weather or the traffic is boring.
– To be COOL !

Actual Team members :

Alexis Boidron (France)
– André Bernet (Dubaï UAE)
– Aybars Cakmakkiran (Switzerland)
– Christoph “Chrigu” Nobs (Switzerland)
– Claus Witte (Germany)
– Estelle Calleja (Malta)
– Gilles Brion (Switzerland) – Co founder of Spottingworld
– Gregory Manchon (France)
– Jarrod Wilkening (USA)
– Jean-Baptiste Gritti (France)
– Jens Polster (Germany)
– Maël Robin (France)
– Marco Dotti (Germany)
– Omar “Alex” Saffe (Switzerland)
– Pascal Maillot (France)
– Philippe Pépin (Switzerland)
Remo Garone (Switzerland)Co founder of Spottingworld
– Roland Brei (Switzerland)
– Thomas Naas (Switzerland)
– Tomasz Chrul (Poland)
– Xavier Zehr (Switzerland)

And those who are specialized in slides (no digital photography for now) :
– Alain Brion (Switzerland)
– Daniel Héritier (Switzerland)
Some other will be invited to join us very soon..

“Les Conox” is a nickname given to a group of very good friends visiting runways around the World and spending time together having fun (and saying a lot of bullshit) !
The origins of the nickname comes from a french expression used to qualify someone saying or doing a stupid thing… “T’es con” ! Later it muted to “Conozo” ad finally to “Conox” !

All the “Conox” are not SW Photo Team members because some of them have more fun then high quality shots when they go to an airport.
But they are all so nice, kind and funny, that all have owned the right to figure here !!! The “Conox” are like a family !!!!!!

Le terme “Conox” est une évolution du terme “Conozo” qui bien entendu qualifie quelqu’un qui fait ou dit une ânerie plus grosse que lui… En principe on dit affectueusement “t’es con” ou quand on parle de lui on dit, “mais quel con” ! Avec le temps, celui qui passe sont temps à faire n’importe quoi est devenu “un conozo”, puis à la fin, “un conox” !

Tous les “Conox” ne font pas partie du team SW car certains font des photos pour leur plaisir en ne cherchant pas forcément la qualité ultime en matière de photographie, ce qui n’enlève rien au plaisir qu’ils y prennent, à leur sympathie et à leurs qualités en tant que personne !
ous les “Conox” on mérité le droit de figurer ici car ils sont en quelque sorte une famille, toujours ensemble dans les bons coups !!!!

The Conox Team :
– Aybars Cakmakkiran (Switzerland) – Sealed to GVA !
– Daniel Héritier (Switzerland) – Globe-Spotter !
– Gilles Brion (Switzerland) – Conox Leader and Control tower !
– Grégory Manchon (France) – Oh la merde !
– Jean-Baptiste Gritti (France) – Kid Corsica !
– Philippe Pépin (Switzerland) – Le Commandant !
– Remo Garone (Switzerland) – Sniper (One shot, one kill) !
– Stéphanie Jaquet (Switzerland) – Super-Nanie !
– Thierry Jaquet (Switzerland) – Crash man !
– Tomasz Chrul (Poland) – Come on ?!
– Vincent Barriat (France) – Vinipédia !
– Xavier “Boubou” Legay (France) – On l’a ou on l’a pas ?
– Xavier Zehr (Switzerland) – Ah mais noooon !

Interessed in joining the team ?
Fill this form and send it !
(Nos amis francophones peuvent envoyer leur description en français, nous traduirons…)

Also send us some photos of you when you are in action near the runways !
Send them to :

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See you soon…