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Welcome to SW Aero !

The home of SW Photo Team members sharing their very best aviation pictures, taken all around the World.

This is not only one more aviation database… Spottingworld is “photographers oriented” and we want to promote their work, create a community of the very best aviation photographers in many locations around the World.

SW Aero is dedicated to all the aviation lovers, by aviation lovers !

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Some of our last posts…

Gallery - London LHR 2015 - by Alexis Boidron
London LHR 2015 – by Alexis Boidron
Incheon ICN 2015 by James YoungKyun Shin
Incheon ICN 2015 by James YoungKyun Shin
Swiss B777-300ER – by Remo Garone
Edwards AFB Gateguard – by Remo Garone
Santiago SCL 2014 – by Gilles Brion
March Field  2013 – by Remo Garone
Madrid 2015 – by Gilles Brion
Classic Shots – by Gilles Brion
Zurich 2015 – by Remo Garon